Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mummified Toronto child a newborn boy: coroner

"The renovator, Bob Kinghorn, said he found the small body Tuesday lodged between the second and third floors of a home near Broadview Avenue and Queen Street in the city's east end.

The house on Kintyre Avenue was owned in 1925 by a couple. It was sold, in 1941, by provincial officials after the man had died and the woman was a resident of a provincial psychiatric hospital."
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The remains of a baby wrapped in newspaper were found in this house on Kintyre Avenue.The remains of a baby wrapped in newspaper were found in this house on Kintyre Avenue.

Initial investigations indicate a child found in a Toronto home, wrapped in newspapers from 1925, was a newborn boy and likely not a victim of foul play, Ontario's deputy chief coroner said Thursday.

The baby, discovered tucked between floors of a Toronto house by a renovator on Tuesday, appears to have died more than 80 years ago, Dr. Jim Cairns told CBC News.

Cairns, who attended the autopsy at the Hospital for Sick Children on Thursday, said the body showed no evidence of fractures or stab wounds. He said disease has also been ruled out as a cause of death.

Whether the baby was born alive couldn't be determined without further tests. Cairns said these may not be carried out given the length of time since the boy died.

Cairns said DNA tests are being done to help authorities determine whether the baby has any living relatives.

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