Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ice road trucking

The History Channel embarks upon an unparalleled adventure revealing the virtually unknown occupation of ice road trucking - one of the world's most dangerous jobs. These death defying drivers haul their vast rigs over nothing but frozen ice, risking their lives to deliver their cargo.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Massive Fireball Carancas, Peru

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September 15, 2007 at ~11:45 AM.

At ~11:45
am on September the 15th, 2007 a massive fireball entered the
atmosphere over Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The fireball was larger
and brighter than the sun, and rapidly moved over the lake on the
Bolivian side, and along the border with Peru. It crossed over the
town of Desaguadero which straddles both countries, and broke many
windows as it passed overhead at what must have been supersonic speed! Within a couple of
seconds, the meteorite impacted in the village of Carancas, Peru,
less than 4 kilometers from Bolivia. When the meteorite impacted the
soft, wet soil, it created a large crater measuring over 13.8 meters
in diameter and 3 meters deep. Ejecta was thrown in all directions up
to 150 meters away.

meteorite fall will be one of the most studied and important
meteorite falls in the last few decades, and I am distributing
pieces to laboratories all over the world.

his is a photo of the Carancas meteorite smoke
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