Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraqi in Baghdad: "The Election Was Shoved Down Our Throats" :: from :: news from occupied Iraq

Iraqi in Baghdad: "The Election Was Shoved Down Our Throats" :: from :: news from occupied Iraq: "Monday, January 31st, 2005

To get an Iraqi perspective on the election, we go to Baghdad to speak with retired Iraqi engineer Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar. Mukhtar says, 'What do I do with democracy? Does it allow me to walk across the street without being feared of being kidnapped or being shot at or being mugged or being stolen? Would democracy feed my children? Would democracy allow me to quench my thirst? The U.S. has not done anything at all to improve the life of Iraqi people.' "

CBC News: Success of Iraqi vote prompts calls for early U.S. exit

CBC News: Success of Iraqi vote prompts calls for early U.S. exit Leuren Moret Updates on Depleted Uranium/Electromagnatic Harassment

DC Indymedia: newswire/116499: "DU-The horror of Depleted Uranium is not limited to Iraq - it may well be at our doorsteps. EMF- Various sources of electro-magnetic frequencies are being used on those who oppose the US govt and the New World Order and issues that stand in the way of the goals that the govt/NWO wish to achieve."

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

$9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq: "By LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - The U.S. occupation authority in Iraq (news - web sites) was unable to keep track of nearly $9 billion it transferred to government ministries, which lacked financial controls, security, communications and adequate staff, an inspector general has found."

How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age

"if enough cold, fresh water coming from the melting polar ice caps and the melting glaciers of Greenland flows into the northern Atlantic,: it will shut down the Gulf Stream, which keeps Europe and northeastern North America warm. The worst-case scenario would be a full-blown return of the last ice age - in a period as short as 2 to 3 years from its onset - and the mid-case scenario would be a period like the 'little ice age' of a few centuries ago that disrupted worldwide weather patterns leading to extremely harsh winters, droughts, worldwide desertification, crop failures, and wars around the world."

More Airplanes Need More Airspace...

Software To Relieve Bottlenecks:
"With all those airplanes in the works, plus thousands of light jets destined for the airways, and an apparent economic upswing driving ever more traffic into the skies, long-term predictions say air traffic will triple over the next 20 years."

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Unusual Arctic cold raises fears for ozone hole

"Temperatures in the Arctic ozone layer are now the coldest for 50 years and have been consistently low for two months.The ozone layer blankets the Earth at an altitude between 15 to 30 kilometres. It is part of a zone called the stratosphere, and absorbs ultraviolet light.

European Union scientists said on Friday that if the exceptionally cold temperatures continue, and the persistent polar clouds - which alter the chemistry of the ozone layer - remain, then large ozone losses will be likely when spring sunlight returns in the coming weeks."

Torture Chicks Gone Wild

A former American Army sergeant who worked as an Arabic interpreter at Gitmo has written a book pulling back the veil on the astounding ways female interrogators used a toxic combination of sex and religion to try to break Muslim detainees at the U.S. prison camp in Cuba. It's not merely disgusting. It's beyond belief.

How we put the heat on nature

"As the world's experts meet in Britain to discuss climate change, leading scientists warn that its effects could be unstoppable.":

The horror of Depleted Uranium is not limited to Iraq

it may well be at our doorsteps: "James Denver � Caduceus January 22, 2005

The information which some governments are concealing is presented here.

'I�m horrified. The people out there � the Iraqis, the media and the troops � risk the most appalling ill health. And the radiation from depleted uranium can travel literally anywhere. It�s going to destroy the lives of thousands of children, all over the world. We all know how far radiation can travel. Radiation from Chernobyl reached Wales and in Britain you sometimes get red dust from the Sahara on your car.�"

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Contrails over CFB Comox (2003)

Contrails over Northern Vancouver Island (CF-18's 1997)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Three contrails over Texada Island (Voodoo's 1973)

Contrails over Comox Lake (2004)
Still looking for a natural cloud in our sky - JC

UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean � sub tectonic experiment?

>People are again reporting heavy UFO sighting in Nicobar Island, Andaman, India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka coastal areas.
The UFO sightings happen at night with strange lights. The continuation of tremors of 6 or less Richter scale seems never ending. The ships traveling between India�s mainland and the Andaman-Nocobar Island as well commercial fishermen in Indian Ocean are reporting strange signals as well as jamming of their radio channels.

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimeras—a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.

Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University in 2003 successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs. The embryos were reportedly the first human-animal chimeras successfully created. They were allowed to develop for several days in a laboratory dish before the scientists destroyed the embryos to harvest their stem cells.

In Minnesota last year researchers at the Mayo Clinic created pigs with human blood flowing through their bodies.

And at Stanford University in California an experiment might be done later this year to create mice with human brains.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

UPOS contrails

UPOS contrails: "Condensation trails (contrails) formed by aircrafts are sometimes visible from the ground for several
hours. Numerous contrails are formed in the vicinity of main air- traffic routes; due to additional
spreading effects contrails may contribute significantly to the total cloud cover. Continuous
observational methods are used to study the formation of contrails in the subarctic setting of
Fairbanks, Alaska. Since March of 2000 a contrail database has been established, which includes
contrail characteristics, Federal Aviation Administration flight data, and atmospheric measurements
derived from radiosonde ascents at Fairbanks International Airport. The contrail analysis is based on
all-sky digital camera imagery and direct observations of aircrafts. "

Oil firms fund campaign to deny climate change

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Oil firms fund campaign to deny climate change: "Lobby groups funded by the US oil industry are targeting Britain in a bid to play down the threat of climate change and derail action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, leading scientists have warned. "

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Global warming could be twice as bad as feared: computer model

News: "Until now, most computer models of climate change predict that if atmospheric levels of CO2 reach double of the pre-industrial age, the Earth's surface temperature will be between two and five C (3.6-9.0 F) warmer when compared with 1990 levels.
But a study published Thursday in the British science journal Nature suggests that the temperature rise could be much higher -- of between nearly two (3.6 F) and more than 11 C (19.8 F).
The research comes from a highly ambitious project in 'shared computing,' in which more than 90,000 people in more than 140 countries downloaded a special programme to crunch through data on their personal computer. "

Longer Airline Flights Proposed to Combat Global Warming

Longer Airline Flights Proposed to Combat Global Warming: "Tendrils of condensation that mark the paths of high-flying jets sometimes form a loose lacework of man-made clouds in the upper atmosphere. The extra blanket of atmospheric insulation from these spreading contrails, as they are called, could accelerate global warming, studies have shown.
Now a group of researchers says something should be done. Their proposal would lengthen the typical airline flight."

EO News: Arctic Rivers Discharge More Freshwater Into Ocean, Reflecting Changes to Hydrologic Cycle - January 19, 2005

Far northern rivers are discharging increasing amounts of freshwater into the Arctic Ocean, due to intensified precipitation caused by global warming, say researchers at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in the United Kingdom.

Water exchange between the ocean, atmosphere, and land is called the global hydrological cycle. As Earth’s climate warms, the rate of this exchange is expected to increase. As part of this process, high-latitude precipitation and, consequently, river runoffs are also expected to increase. This could change the distribution of water on Earth’s surface, with important social and economic consequences.

It could also alter the balance of the climate system itself, such as the Atlantic thermohaline circulation, a kind of conveyor belt. Cold water flows southward in the Atlantic at great depths to the tropics, where it warms, rises, and returns northward near the surface. This flow helps keep northern Europe at a temperate climate, whereas the same latitudes in North America are sparsely settled tundra or taiga.

Global Warming Causing Mt. Everest To Shrink?

"China is to re-measure the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest, because of fears it may be shrinking. A recent survey found the summit had dropped by 1.3 meters (4 ft) because of global warming."

Climate change and the future of air travel

Climate change and the future of air travel: "Adapting air travel to ease its impact on the environment
The investigation focuses on how aircraft can avoid creating vapour trails, also known as contrails. These spindly threads of condensation may not seem important but some persist for hours and behave in the same way as high altitude cirrus clouds, trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming. "

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Universe Today - Microbes Use Hydrogen for Fuel in Yellowstone

Summary - : "(Jan 25, 2005) A team of Colorado University researchers has uncovered bacteria that primarily use hydrogen as their fuel source in the colourful hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Bacteria, such as salmonella, have been uncovered which use hydrogen for fuel before, but nobody expected this was happening in the intense heat of the hot springs. By using very sensitive detectors, they discovered that there's a constant supply of hydrogen being delivered to the bacteria from hydrothermal vents. Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe, and finding bacteria that consumes it in extreme conditions further expands the places life could potentially gain a foothold."

Monday, January 24, 2005

Silencing science: U.S. seeks to purge report on warming - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Silencing science: U.S. seeks to purge report on warming - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA: "Last November, Bush administration officials squelched an effort by Arctic nations to endorse mandatory carbon controls to counter global warming. Now, the administration is trying to purge a United Nations action plan of all references to climate change as a potential cause of future natural calamities.
For the Bush administration, global warming has become a matter of political will over flashing red-light reality. Driven by a toxic blend of denial, subservience to industry and ideological distrust of apolitical, fact-based science, Bush already is signaling that he intends to spend the next four years dragging his feet on this most critical of issues.
If this sounds familiar, it's because it's the same way the president spent his first term."

Whistler a disaster in waiting: engineer

Vancouver — In the ''nightmare scenario'' that haunts geotechnical engineer Frank Baumann, a torrent of debris thunders down a creek bed and crashes into a parking lot at Whistler, B.C., sweeping away skiers before they have a chance to run.

Government to Allow Oil Exploration in Ecologically Sensitive Alaska Area

WASHINGTON — Citing a need for domestic energy, the government plans to open for exploratory drilling thousands of acres on Alaska's North Slope that have been protected for decades because of migratory birds and caribou.

Countdown to global catastrophe

"The global warming danger threshold for the world is clearly marked for the first time in an international report to be published tomorrow - and the bad news is, the world has nearly reached it already.

The countdown to climate-change catastrophe is spelt out by a task force of senior politicians, business leaders and academics from around the world - and it is remarkably brief. In as little as 10 years, or even less, their report indicates, the point of no return with global warming may have been reached."

Sunday, January 23, 2005

MOOREWATCH - Watching Michael Moore's every move

Fox News has now removed the link for this story from their home page; their original story contained several errors (below). We want to be certain you are aware of the appropriate corrections.

I know that Fox News editors must rely upon others when preparing their stories, and I offer with no judgment that their story titled “Michael Moore’s Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge” contains several errors, including its entire headline.

Please correct the errors in your story below as soon as possible, because, as you are aware, the errors reach an ever-widening audience with each passing minute - and will predictably be picked up by other news agencies.

Our full-time employee, Patrick Burk, is not “Michael Moore’s bodyguard.” Accordingly, the headline in the Fox News Web site story is false and misleading.

W and Dostoevsky- by Justin Raimondo

W and Dostoevsky- by Justin Raimondo: "n Dostoevsky's novel, that fire in the minds of men is not a yearning for liberty, but a nihilistic will to power that can only end in destruction. Put in George W. Bush's mouth, those words are not a paean to freedom, but a manifesto of pure destructionism. Like Governor Lembke, President Bush has no dearth of hardline advisers who counsel him in ways calculated to provoke a violent reaction: unlike Lembke, however, there is little chance George W. Bush will learn his lesson, even if it comes too late."

Lingerie-Forest, Environmentalists use U.S. lingerie ad to press for Canadian logging changes

Lingerie-Forest,: "U.S. and Canadian environmental groups hope to change Alberta logging practices by generating consumer pressure with a full-page ad in the New York Times that links lingerie catalogues with the destruction of the boreal forest.

The ad, which ran in Friday's paper, says such catalogues are printed on paper from forests in Alberta's northern foothills. It urges readers to pressure lingerie company Victoria's Secret to stop buying paper that comes from 'endangered forests.'"

t r u t h o u t - Mystery Oil Slick Kills Seabirds Off California

t r u t h o u t - Mystery Oil Slick Kills Seabirds Off California: "Los Angeles - A phantom oil slick floating somewhere along a 90-mile stretch of Southern California coastline is killing sea life as investigators scramble to find its whereabouts and origins."

Global warming approaching point of no return, warns leading climate expert

News: "Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the official Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told an international conference attended by 114 governments in Mauritius this month that he personally believes that the world has 'already reached the level of dangerous concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere' and called for immediate and 'very deep' cuts in the pollution if humanity is to 'survive'.
His comments rocked the Bush administration - which immediately tried to slap him down - not least because it put him in his post after Exxon, the major oil company most opposed to international action on global warming, complained that his predecessor was too 'aggressive' on the issue."

Saturday, January 22, 2005

White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List

International News Article | "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has scrapped its list of Iraq allies known as the 45-member 'coalition of the willing,' which Washington used to back its argument that the 2003 invasion was a multilateral action, an official said on Friday."

Death Row Cam

Death Row Cam || " Death Row Cam (MLP)

By willj
Wed Jan 19th, 2005 at 07:34:13 PM EST

Bangkwang prison, referred to as the Bangkok Hilton by Westerners, has installed cameras for the purpose of broadcasting on the web the daily lives of the prisoners as well as the moments leading up to an execution. They do not plan on broadcasting the execution itself. Officials hope that it will highlight the risks of drug dea"

False Casualty Figures :: informazione dall'Iraq occupato: "...In my opinion the true casualty figures of Iraq is around 6,000 servicemen killed and 48,000 wounded. Totaling 54,000.If my figures are accurate then the pentagon is only reporting, making public 20% of the casualties. Many people will state this cannot be possible. They cannot hide that amount. Vietnam was a good reflection initially 6,000 Kia were reported later that rose to 58,000 and later a further 40,000 were deemed missing in action .So if Vietnam is anything to judge, then most certainly casualty figures are manipulated for public consumption... "

Friday, January 21, 2005

Ex-FBI agent charges feds with radioactive coverup at Rocky Flats | By Amanda Griscom Little

Ex-FBI agent charges feds with radioactive coverup at Rocky Flats | By Amanda Griscom Little | Grist Magazine | Muckraker | 21 Jan 2005: "Ex-FBI agent charges feds with radioactive coverup at Rocky Flats"

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Planet Ark : Russian Rivers Prove Man-Made Climate Change - Report

Planet Ark : Russian Rivers Prove Man-Made Climate Change - Report: "LONDON - Increased flows of Russian rivers into the Arctic Ocean are due to man-made greenhouse gases and might indicate changing global rainfall patterns, according to a report by leading British climate scientists. "

Homeless Mostly Invisible as Washington Celebrates

Politics News Article | "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As Americans celebrate President Bush's second inauguration, the capital city's 8,000 homeless people will be mostly invisible."

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Police hunt poo protesters

Ananova - Police hunt poo protesters: "Police in Germany are hunting pranksters who have been sticking miniature US flags into piles of dog poo in public parks."

BBC NEWS | Americas | Saudis cleared from 9/11 lawsuits

"A US federal court has dismissedproceedings under which the Saudi government was accused of providing logistical support to al-Qaeda.

New York District Court Judge Richard Casey ruled that the Saudi government, its defence minister and ambassador in London have immunity from litigation.

Following the 9/11 attacks, relatives of victims, private firms and insurers sued for multi-billion damages."

Peace, Earth & Justice News

PEJ News :: Features, Opinion and Analysis: Peace, Earth & Justice News: "Dirty Money: Canada Pension Plan Invests In War"

Americans are trying to discredit me, claims Chief Scientist

News: "The Government's chief scientific adviser is being aggressively targeted by American lobbyists trying to discredit his view that man-made pollution is behind global warming."

Business - Man protests Ford's plan to destroy his electric truck -

Business - Man protests Ford's plan to destroy his electric truck -

Monday, January 17, 2005

Stone Pages Archaeo News: Could the rain forest have been home to complex societies?

Stone Pages Archaeo News: Could the rain forest have been home to complex societies?

-Global warming melts winter joy at top German resort

"Garmisch-Partenkirchen gained worldwide fame as the venue for the 1936 winter Olympics, but the picturesque town of 27,000 has now become more reliant on summer tourism because rain falls more often than snow in winter.

As the snow line retreats up mountains in the face of what many scientists believe to be the effects of global warming, Garmisch -- at an altitude of 700 metres (2,300 feet) -- is rarely covered in snow. Losing its 'white gold' has alarmed the local populace."

Bush's World War Under Way As He Authorizes Military Actions In 10 Nations

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran
Sun Jan 16, 2005 12:33 PM ET - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran to help identify potential nuclear, chemical and missile targets, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Leaked documents reveal Blair's global warming betrayal

Leaked documents reveal Blair's global warming betrayal

Last edited: 16-01-2005

Greenpeace today accused Tony Blair of a 'betrayal' after leaked documents revealed the Prime Minister was boasting about global warming commitments in keynote speeches while his government was simultaneously trying to ditch them at European meetings.

The documents, which can be seen at

Climate Change Hits Alps Hardest

Climate Change Hits Alps Hardest

Friday, January 14, 2005 The Silence of the Nuke Protesters��� The Silence of the Nuke ProtestersAtomic power is making a comeback, and you hear only muffled squawks from the usual opponents. Could that have something to do with the price of oil? Or maybe global warming?

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Developing regional solutions to global warming's challenge

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Developing regional solutions to global warming's challenge: "Global warming is a local and regional issue. University of Washington climate scientists project that we are on course to lose 50 to 70 percent of the Cascade snowpack by the 2050s. Snowpack is the water-storage system for the hydroelectricity that powers our economy and the irrigation that makes agriculture possible. Without it, we would lose a major source of our prosperity, and much of our salmon habitat."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Scientist Breaking News - First ever earthquake movie created

New Scientist Breaking News - First ever earthquake movie created: "A pioneering technique using data from GPS receivers has been used to make the first movie of an earthquake. The animation shows the Earth's surface deforming during a magnitude 8.3 quake in September 2003 off the coast of Hokkaido in Japan." The Coming Oil Crisis The Coming Oil Crisis: "The world economy has gotten fairly comfortable with oil at $45 a barrel. But how will it react to paying $100 a barrel three years from now? Or $150 in five years?"

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Film reveals true destruction to ghost city Falluja

Fresh evidence has emerged of the extent of destruction and appalling conditions in Falluja, still deserted two months after a major US offensive against the insurgent stronghold.

Ali Fadhil, an Iraqi journalist working with the Guardian's film unit and one of the few reporters to travel independently to Falluja, describes in a Channel 4 News film tonight a "city of ghosts" where dogs feed on uncollected corpses.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Scientist - Dead bodies pose no epidemic threat

New Scientist - Dead bodies pose no epidemic threat

New Scientist - Organic ketchup protects against cancer

"Organic varieties of tomato ketchup contain three times as much of a cancer-fighting chemical called lycopene as non-organic brands."

Eco-damage severe and lasting- The Times of India

New Delhi: India's tsunami-hit regions are showing up "severe" ecological damage, and some of it will stay.

This is based on a preliminary government assessment of mangroves, corals, coastal forests, wetlands, biodiversity, groundwater and geomorphologic features such as sand dunes and rock formations.

Eleven days into the sudden disaster, the Union Environment Ministry met on Wednesday evening with officials and scientists from ten institutes and organisations to decide on a strategy on what they could do to repair damage which would impact lives.

Vive le Canada - Our Country, Our Voice

Vive le Canada - Our Country, Our Voice: "by George Monbiot: The US government has so far pledged $350m to the victims of the tsunami, and the UK government �50m ($96m). The US has spent $148 billion on the Iraq war and the UK �6bn ($11.5bn). The war has been running for 656 days. This means that the money pledged for the tsunami disaster by the United States is the equivalent of one and a half day's spending in Iraq. The money the UK has given equates to five and a half days of involvement in the war. "

Credit card companies to donate revenue from tsunami offerings

"Canada's major credit card companies said Wednesday they would donate the revenue they make on tsunami relief offerings to certain charities."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Triple slip of tectonic plates caused seafloor surge

n the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated coastlines around the Indian Ocean, experts are piecing together details of the seismic slip that sparked the waves. The earthquake, the world's biggest for more than 40 years and the fourth largest since 1900, has literally redrawn the map, moving some islands by up to 20 metres.

The destruction, which claimed as many as 150,000 lives, was unleashed by a 'megathrust' — a sudden juddering movement beneath the sea floor. A build-up of pressure caused the floor of the Indian Ocean to lurch some 15 metres towards Indonesia, burrowing under a tectonic plate and triggering the ferocious swells that smashed into surrounding shores.

Canadian firm nets Hubble repair deal

"VANCOUVER, British Columbia MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd said Wednesday it has signed a $154 million deal to help NASA's controversial repair mission to fix the aging Hubble Space Telescope."

Lilly and Novartis schizophrenia drugs may increase diabetes risk - Pharmaceutical Business Review

"Researchers have found that patients treated with the anti-psychotic agents clozapine and olanzapine, marketed as Novartis's Clozaril and Eli Lilly's Zyprexa respectively, may be at an increased risk for insulin resistance, a major risk factor for diabetes.":

Antarctic Iced Over When Greenhouse Gases - Not Ocean Currents - Shifted, Study Suggests - December 27, 2004

EO News: Antarctic Iced Over When Greenhouse Gases - Not Ocean Currents - Shifted, Study Suggests - December 27, 2004: "A longstanding theory that provides much of the basis for our understanding of climate change - that the mile-thick ice sheet covering Antarctica developed because of a shift in ocean currents millions of years ago - has been challenged by Purdue University scientists."

UN-backed expedition to sail to Antarctica to gauge impact of global warming

4 January 2005 – In a United Nations-backed project, a two-masted ship will set sail this month from the tip of South America for Antarctica to witness first-hand the impacts of global warming and environmental change on the world’s most southerly continent.

The expedition by the Tara, which is supported by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), is scheduled to take one month and will take it to various areas including the northern Weddell Sea.

It will also serve as preparation for Tara’s next and arguably most important venture to date, also supported by UNEP – two years spent adrift in the Arctic from September 2006 to September 2008 as part of the 2007 International Polar Year in order to help better comprehend the inner workings of global warming.

The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq

"US and British aid is dwarfed by the billions both spend on slaughter"

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