Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin - in Britain: "As the inquest into the death of a 'human guinea pig' at Porton Down opens, a witness breaks 50 years' silence to recount the horrors he saw "

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Meteorite wrecks houses in India: "At least 20 people are reported to have been injured after a meteorite crashed to Earth in eastern India.
Reports say hundreds of people in the state of Orissa panicked when the fireball streamed across the sky"

Monday, September 29, 2003

Take Back The Media! Flash Animation "VOTEREVOLUTION"

The Observer | International | Bush covers up climate research: "White House officials play down its own scientists' evidence of global warming "

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | John Houghton: Global warming is now a weapon of mass destruction: "It kills more people than terrorism, yet Blair and Bush do nothing "

9/11 -- Alumni/ae House -- Drew University: "This photo was taken by Sue Urban at 7:00 a.m. on July 28, 2001 with a
digital camera from a cruise ship on the Hudson River. No alterations were made to the original.
Downloading is for personal use only. Copyright of the photo resides with the photographer. This photo cannot be used commercially.

Download the full-size version of this photo."

Iraq In Prophecy: "Chronology of a Civilization
5000 B.C.: Farming spreads into southern Mesopotamia, the ancient name for the territory of Iraq. The world's first great cities develop along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Two regions become dominant: Akkad in the north and Sumer in the south.
3500-3000: The Sumerians develop the wheel, writing, counting and calendars. "

Satan's Little Helpers

Scoop: US multi-millionaire funds research on climate: "In the early 1980s, Waikato University associate professor Chris Hendy was a key player in discovering the phenomena of Abrupt Climate Change – times when the Earth’s climate went from glacial conditions to nearly as warm as today in as little as ten years."

The Dixie Chicks Official Artist Club: "Letter from Natalie "

Sunday, September 28, 2003

'The Lies of George W. Bush' by David Corn: " top-ten list of Bush lies."

The Other Lies of George Bush: "George W. Bush is a liar. He has lied large and small, directly and by omission."

Yahoo! News - Taliban Kill Seven Bodyguards of Afghan Governor: "KABUL (Reuters) - Taliban guerrillas killed seven bodyguards of the governor of the volatile southern province of Helmand at the weekend in the latest of a series of violent strikes by the resurgent movement, officials said on Sunday."

Toronto Sun Columnist: Eric Margolis: " President Bill Clinton was impeached by a Republican-controlled Congress for lying about sex. President George W. Bush and aides lied the United States into a stupid, unnecessary colonial war that has so far killed more than 305 Americans and seriously wounded more than 1,400. It has also cost many thousands of Iraqi dead, and $1 billion US weekly. "

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Jon Brown: Stealing Home: "Iraq's looting commenced when the cheap-seat crowd swept out of the bleachers to tear up the field. The circling sky-box set waited. With wholesale privatization, the real looting is about to begin. Why settle for souvenirs when you can walk off with the stadium?"

Friday, September 26, 2003

Fired or Resigned? Microsoft Critic Out of Job: "The primary author of a report critical of Microsoft is out of work.
@Stake, a Boston-based computer security firm that does business with Microsoft (Quote, Chart), issued a statement Thursday that Daniel Geer, who presented a white paper Wednesday in Washington that said the government's increasing reliance on Microsoft desktop software makes federal systems 'susceptible to massive, cascading failures,' is 'no longer associated' with the firm as its chief technology officer. "

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Comox Glacier

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Anxiety Culture: Screensavers

don't have the time, energy, resources — or masterful ability — to fully parse Bushy's little UN speechie today, but
http://www.unknownnews.net/030924a-llo2.htmlThe morality of Bush's U.N. speech
by Liberez L'Ours, Unknown News
Sept. 24, 2003

WSJ: New Programs Help Customers Mine Worker Relationships: "new companies are developing software to help employers mine their employees' acquaintances for new business prospects. The programs scan workers' contacts from their computerized address books, instant-message buddy lists, electronic calendars and e-mail correspondence. They then make maps of all the relationships they finds among the employees and all their contacts.
The goal ... "

They Lied and Many Soldiers Died: "George Bush won't mention the names below in today's speech, nor will your gullible news and television people - the Pekinese of the Press.
Therefore we print promptly and thus prominently the names of American soldiers killed in Iraq and reported from Sept. 9 to Sept. 19: "

PNS: Can America's 3 Unexplained Wars Come to an End?: "when we invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, our president did not explain why he suddenly switched away from pursuing Osama bin-Laden, the alleged master culprit of 9/11, to another master criminal, Saddam Hussein, who had, as President Bush just admitted, nothing to do with 9/11.

As the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq continue alongside the global war on terror, American soldiers and citizens are getting tired -- not because their patriotism has waned, but because our leaders have not been candid about how we got embroiled in these three wars in the first place."

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

News - Vancouver - canada.com networkThe man who admits strangling and shooting his six children in March 2002 said Tuesday he's sorry they are dead, but feels no shame. Also in this story: the full text of the letters Handel wrote to his wife Sonya, family friend Russell Lubrick and family doctor Marlene Smith.

Project Censored: "The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

#1: The Neoconservative Plan for Global Dominance
#2: Homeland Security Threatens Civil Liberty
#3: US Illegally Removes Pages from Iraq U.N. Report
#4: Rumsfeld's Plan to Provoke Terrorists
#5: The Effort to Make Unions Disappear"

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic ice shelf splits: "The largest ice shelf in the Arctic has fractured, releasing all the water from the freshwater lake it dammed.

The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf is located on the north coast of Ellesmere Island in Canada's Nunavut territory.
The huge mass of floating ice, which has been in place for at least 3,000 years, is now in two major pieces.
The scientists who report the break-up in the journal Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) say it is further evidence of ongoing and accelerated climate change in the north polar region. "

Audience Unmoved During Bush's Address at the U.N.: "The audience of world leaders seemed to perceive an American president weakened by plunging approval ratings at home, facing a tough security situation in Iraq where American soldiers are dying every week, and confronted by the beginnings of a revolt against the American timetable for self-rule by several Iraqi leaders installed by the United States"

Astronomy.com | Asteroid Davida Rotates into View: "Found by Raymond Smith Dugan on May 30, 1903, Davida resides roughly halfway between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt. It measures approximately 200 miles (320 kilometers) in diameter and takes 5.64 years to orbit the sun once. "

Nine Montreal Hells Angels sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Iraq: the reality and rhetoric: "The US military has chosen not to count the civilian casualties of the war in Iraq. But while more than 300 US soldiers have now been killed since the invasion to topple Saddam in March, thousands more Iraqis have died. "

Guardian Unlimited | World dispatch | Canada's forgotten people: "For years, they called themselves the 'forgotten people'. Last week, Canada's supreme court ruled that the M�tis - descendants of early white settlers and natives - are in fact a distinct people with significant rights.
The high court ruled that the M�tis have the same hunting rights as native Indians and the Inuit. That decision will likely force federal and provincial governments to negotiate with the M�tis on other rights enjoyed by Canada's aboriginal people, including access to other natural resources and special government services.
The ruling was a turning point in a 130-year battle for recognition of about 300,000 Canadians of mixed European and native ancestry."

MediaGuardian.co.uk | Press&publishing | Editors give go-ahead for f-word: "In a key piece of evidence to the Hutton inquiry yesterday, it was revealed that the outgoing Downing Street director of communications had written in his diary that he wanted to expose David Kelly in order to 'fuck Andrew Gilligan', the BBC reporter"

Monday, September 22, 2003

1957 atomic revolution comic book

News: "Canada supports Vietnam's international integration
Canada committed its continued support for Vietnam in international integration, its bid for WTO admission and hosting of the APEC forum in 2006, Canadian leaders told Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien, who was on a visit to Canada between September 17-20.
The visit was part of the activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. "

CTV.ca - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television: "Prime Minister Jean Chretien and a chorus of world leaders have chided the United States' unilateral approach in the fight against terrorism, calling for a group effort to remove the causes of hatred and extremism.
'No one country, no matter how powerful, has either the wisdom or the ability to defeat terrorism on its own,' Chretien told an international anti-terrorism conference in New York.
'We must work together to devise a lasting and effective response that respects international law,' he said, alluding to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq earlier this year. "

BBC NEWS | Business | Opium crop clouds Afghan recovery: "Opium growing is coming to dominate Afghanistan's economy, providing roughly half the war-shattered country's wealth, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.
'A dangerous potential exists for Afghanistan to progressively slide into a 'narco-state' where all legitimate institutions become penetrated by the power and wealth of (drug) traffickers,' the IMF said.
Afghanistan now provides about 75% of the world's opium crop, it added, which is worth around $20bn "

Taipei Times - archives: "DOUBLE DEALING: The White House used groups funded by the oil industry to target scientists warning about pollution, according to internal documents and e-mails "

Breakup of Ice Shelf Signals Climate Change, Scientists Say: " large ice shelf that has jutted into the Arctic Ocean from the northernmost part of Canada for at least 3,000 years has broken up over the last two years, providing fresh evidence that the region is warming past thresholds that can produce abrupt changes, scientists said today.
The scientists, from Laval University in Quebec and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, described the changes in a paper published in the current issue of Geophysical Research Letters.
The disintegration of the ancient ice shelf — the largest in the Arctic — ..."

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Yahoo! News - Docs' Cell Phones May Spread Hospital Infections: "Mobile phones used by healthcare personnel in the hospital can spread dangerous infectious agents, according to investigators in Israel. "

National Story - canada.com network: " Canadian rescue team successfully evacuated an ailing contractor from an American research station at the South Pole Sunday "

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Iraq minister opens door to foreign firms: "Iraq was effectively put up for sale yesterday, when the US-backed administration unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the economy, giving foreign companies unprecedented access to Iraqi firms which are to be sold off in a privatisation windfall. "

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Yahoo! News - BUSH IS EVIL

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Profile: Paul Krugman: "Paul Krugman is a mild-mannered university economist. He is also a New York Times columnist and President Bush's most scathing critic. Hence the death threats. He talks to Oliver Burkeman "

SignOnSanDiego.com > In Iraq -- U.S. weapons hunters find no evidence Iraq had smallpox: "Smallpox fears were part of the case the Bush administration used to build support for invading Iraq � and they were raised again as recently as last weekend by Vice President Dick Cheney.
But a three-month search by 'Team Pox' turned up only signs to the contrary: disabled equipment that had been rendered harmless by U.N. inspectors, Iraqi scientists deemed credible who gave no indication they had worked with smallpox and a laboratory thought to be back in use that was covered in cobwebs. "

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Kennedy Says Case for Iraq War Was Fraud: "The case for going to war against Iraq was a fraud ``made up in Texas'' to give Republicans a political boost, Sen. Edward Kennedy said Thursday.
In an interview with The Associated Press, Kennedy also said the Bush administration has failed to account for nearly half of the $4 billion the war is costing each month. He said he believes much of the unaccounted-for money is being used to bribe foreign leaders to send in troops. "


Friday, September 19, 2003

Narco News: Cancún Trade Battle also Turns the Tables on the Drug War: "Poor Countries Set a Precedent for How to Beat Impositions by the Wealthy Countries"

Thursday, September 18, 2003

AlterNet: US Plan for Global Domination Tops Project Censored's Annual ListUS Plan for Global Domination Tops Project Censored's Annual List The "Top Ten Censored Stories" followed by the 15 runner-ups.

Newsday.com - City Stats Get Quiet ReleaseLiving in New York City has always been hard but now one-third of the city is living in or near poverty

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

CHOMSKY SPEAKS TO NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ON 2ND ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 : SF Indymedia: "MIT professor, author and political dissident Noam Chomsky spent 13 hours last Thursday being interviewed by journalists around the world on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
He may well have saved the best for last..."

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Scoop: David G. Miller Online: "This change of stance on the part of the US and Britain has not been undertaken due to any sudden fondness for the United Nations or awareness that it is the correct authority to govern Iraq until a permanent government can be established and its economy resuscitated. This call has been taken because the US cannot maintain the post-war peace in Iraq. Guerrilla attacks are increasing and the Coalition is faced with a massive budgetary strain as the Treasuries in London and Washington find the billions needed to maintain their military presence. There is also the question of military over-stretch, especially as the allies have large commitments in other parts of the world, for example, West Africa, Afghanistan and the Korean Peninsula. "

Scoop: Keeping Computerized Voting Easily Corruptible: "Before the age of computers, there were all kinds of ways for a local politico to 'mess' with the voting apparatus. He could arrange for a mechanical machine to count wrong. Or, the names of people in cemeteries could be kept or put on the voter rolls.
But now, in the wondrous age of computers and the internet, it's possible, with a virtually undetectable line of software code that can make itself disappear after its done its dirty work, to wreak corruption on hundreds or thousands of computerized voting machines reflecting hundreds of thousands or millions of votes. A number of recent elections are suspected of being tainted by this voting corruption. We've opened a Pandora's box with computerized voting, not knowing what was going to come out."

Scoop: Opinion: The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged: "The Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily with the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a media pounding of lies, the public will accept the rigged election results as fact. "

Monday, September 15, 2003

IRAQ: Experts Warn of Radioactive Battlefields: "Concerns are growing about the presence of depleted uranium and other toxins in Iraq following a rash of illnesses among U.S. troops and the discovery by a reporter that radiation levels in parts of Baghdad are extremely elevated. "

Toronto Sun Columnist: Eric Margolis: "Bush and his handlers are not protecting Americans by pursuing the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, they are protecting their own political skins
By ERIC MARGOLIS -- Contributing Foreign Editor
NEW YORK -- 'If at first you don't succeed, lie and lie again' seems to be the watchword of the floundering Bush administration.

First, it was the ultimate evils, bin Laden and Mullah Omar. When they couldn't be found, evil forces 'that hate our freedoms.' Then Saddam's nuclear weapons, anthrax, mustard, and nerve gas, 'drones of death,' mobile germ labs, and links to al-Qaida, etc.

Now, in the latest change of sales pitch, the president insists his war on terrorism equals Iraq.

According to Bushthink, any Iraqi opposing U.S. occupying forces is a 'terrorist.' Ergo, growing Iraqi nationalist resistance will inevitably mean Bush's signature 'war on terrorism' will be a growth industry.

Like the gigantic Enron swindle, it's a huge bubble, inflated by false claims and calculated deception.

Straining credulity even farther, the president claimed that waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan would spare America from another 9/11 that might otherwise happen at any moment - though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

It was the duty of the world community, Bush proclaimed, to 'share the burden of occupation' of Iraq and Afghanistan - which the White House finally admitted will total at least $166 billion US for this year and next, an astronomical sum that could buy 39 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. By the end of 2004, Bush's wars could amount to 30% of the total cost of the equally misbegotten 17-year Vietnam War. " More...


'Trying to eliminate Saddam, extending the ground war into an occupation of
Iraq, would have violated our guideline about not changing objectives in
midstream, engaging in �mission creep,' and would have incurred
incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably
impossible... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect,
rule Iraq. The coalition would instantly have collapsed, the Arabs
deserting it in anger and other allies pulling out as well. Under those
circumstances, there was no viable 'exit strategy' we could see, violating
another of our principles. Furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying
to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going
in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations'
mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to
aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the
United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly
hostile land. It would have been a dramatically different--and perhaps

George H.W. Bush (The ELDER) and Brent Scowcroft,
A World Transformed (1998), pp. 489-90

TheStar.com - Reasons to fear U.S.: "NOAM CHOMSKY

Amid the aftershocks of recent suicide bombings in Baghdad and Najaf, and countless other horrors since Sept. 11, 2001, it is easy to understand why many believe that the world has entered a new and frightening 'age of terror,' the title of a recent collection of essays by Yale University scholars and others.
However, two years after 9/11, the United States has yet to confront the roots of terrorism, has waged more war than peace and has continually raised the stakes of international confrontation."

t r u t h o u t - Greenpeace Obtains Smoking-Gun Memo: White House/Exxon Link: "Conservative front group may have thanked White House for help in suing EPA
Did conservative elements in the White House provoke an Exxon front group to sue EPA to suppress a report on climate change? That's the question that two State Attorney Generals have asked US Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate, after Greenpeace uncovered a routine email in a Freedom of Information Act request.
In the email, Myron Ebell of the Exxon-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute writes to Phil Cooney, a senior official at the White House Council for Environmental Quality. He describes his plans to discredit an EPA study on climate change through a lawsuit. He states the need to 'drive a wedge between the President and those in the Administration who think that they are serving the president's interests by publishing this rubbish.' He notes his group is considering a call for the then-head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Todd Whitman, to resign, and openly suggests that she'd make an appropriate 'fall gal' if the administration is serious about getting back into bed with conservatives opposing action on climate change.
His memo to the US government official begins 'Thanks for calling and asking for our help.'
That statement, and the cosy, conspiratorial tone of the document was enough to make Richard Blumenthal, State Attorney General of Connecticut, and G. Steven Rowe, State Attorney General of Maine, demand an investigation by US Attorney General John Ashcroft into whether Cooney or other officials in the Bush administration solicited the Competitive Enterprise Institute's filing of the new lawsuit, as the memo certainly makes it appear."

CHICAGO (NFTF.org) -- While the Pentagon frequently claims that the casualty rate of Americans in Iraq is low, they often fail to give statistics of U.S. soldiers who have been wounded and have had to be evacuated from Iraq.

London's Observer newspaper has obtained figures that over 1,500 American soldiers have been wounded, many seriously, since U.S. military involvement in Iraq began in March. Furthermore, an additional 6,000 servicemen have been evacuated from Iraq due to medical reasons.
YellowTimes.org correspondent Erich Marquardt drafted this report.

YellowTimes.org - ''The first two years of insanity'': "The press recently ran stories about Americans reliving the horrors of 9/11 through released emergency-call transcripts that include the last gasps of doomed souls. Am I the only one struck by the extremely odd nature of this story?
Why would people expose themselves to material that might well be regarded as pornographic when used for anything other than an official investigation?
The normal human brain works to soften or blot out memories of intensely disturbing events; otherwise, no one could function in times of crisis, and no one could survive imprisonment or torture. You grieve for a while, and then you go on with the often hard business of living. Occasionally, you grieve briefly again, but when you actually indulge a taste for the grim past -- and reading the desperate gasps of the dying is about as grim as it gets -- either you need professional help or you are trying to exploit the dead for some purpose. "

Washington cracks down on Tommy Chong's Internet bong sales - thedailyjournal.com: "Although we couldn't find Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden if we attached an $87 billion LoJack to them, at least that evildoer Tommy Chong isn't still smokin'.
Chong, Cheech Marin's 65-year-old sidekick from the evergreen '80s movies that bear their names, was sentenced to nine months in federal prison this week for conspiring to sell marijuana paraphernalia.
Whew, I feel safer already. If only we could get that Willie Nelson off the streets, then I'd really be able to sleep at night. "

Sunday, September 14, 2003

StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows: "StrokeIt is an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor. What is a mouse gesture? Mouse gestures are simple symbols that you 'draw' on your screen using your mouse. When you perform a mouse gesture that StrokeIt can recognize, it will perform the 'action' associated with that gesture. In short, it's a nifty little program that lets you easily control programs by drawing symbols with your mouse."

Toronto Star on Afghanistan: "Having killed more than three thousand civilians, by conservative estimates, the U.S.-led aerial assault on Afghanistan is receding into history; the war is not. Thousands of foreign troops are occupying the devastated country, working to prop up a weak government whose authority scarcely extends beyond the country’s capital, Kabul. "

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Vertical contrail splits morning sky - baxterbulletin.com: "Vertical contrail splits morning sky
Bulletin Photo by Sheila Boggess
A vertical contrail splits a recent morning sky.
A striking vertical contrail in the eastern sky over Baxter County caught the attention of several observers early Thursday morning."

Canadian Dimension: The logic of empire: "There is something almost comical about the prospect of George Bush waging war on another nation because that nation has defied international law. Since Bush came to office, the United States government has torn up more international treaties and disregarded more UN conventions than the rest of the world has in 20 years. "

Friday, September 12, 2003

9/11 TWO YEARS LATER : Victims� Families Call For Peaceful Tomorrows: "Victims� Families Call For Peaceful Tomorrows" - Vidio -

Johnny Cash had many friends, fans and working colleagues throughout Canada: " Cash, who died Friday in Nashville, played the big venues, including Maple Leaf Gardens and the Canadian National Exhibition, repeatedly in his five-decade career."

environmental data interactive exchangeThe US, France, and Japan, some of the most industrialised nations in the world, have the most misinformed citizens on the issue of global warming, finds a new study by American academics.

SABCnews.com - sci_tech/science: "The gaping, man-made hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has hit record proportions for this time of year and could get bigger still within the next few days, a leading scientist said today.

Wounded billed for hospital food: "After a grenade exploded inside his Humvee in Iraq, Marine Staff Sgt. Bill Murwin was treated at a military hospital in Germany and spent four weeks at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Part of his left foot was amputated.

His medical care was free, but the government billed him $243 for the food."

Archive: "WTO @ Cancun 2003: Complete Coverage"

Canada: Hippie Nation?:
"Canadians can't quite believe it: Suddenly, we're interesting. "

AxisofLogic/Critical Analysis: "The above title may offend many people since it makes the proposition for one to contemplate the events of 9/11 as either a form of just retaliation or a genuine crime committed by criminals"

War drums beating in the age of terror - www.smh.com.au: "America's violent response to September 11 has only served to heighten the risk of further terrorist attacks, says Noam Chomsky."


World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck - Duncan, British Columbia: "World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck
Duncan, British Columbia"

Visible Earth - Airplane contrails or ship tracks in North Pacific Ocean: "'ship tracks,' or clouds that form from the sulfate aerosols released by large ships."

Visible Earth - Contrail Web over the Central Rh�ne Valley, Eastern France: "This digital photograph taken through the windows of the International Space Station on May 15, 2002, shows condensation trails over the Rh�ne Valley in the region west of Lyon. Condensation trails�or contrails�"

ABCNEWS.com : Scientists Say Glaciers Are Melting: "Park records reveal there were about 150 glaciers 100 years ago.
'We estimate there's about 26 ice bodies that still qualify as glaciers,' said Dan Fagre, who headed the project for the USGS. 'Since there were about 37 named glaciers in 1968, we've lost 11 glaciers.' "

June 2003 -- Dear President Bush: End the War on the Environment: "O beautiful for smoggy skies
For stunted fields of grain,
For fading mountain majesties
Above the barren plain"

The Fall of Petroleum Civilization - peak oil: "'Let's look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil.'
- US deputy defense secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, in Singapore, May 31-June 1, 2003
'...for reasons that have a lot to do with the US government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on: weapons of mass destruction.'
- Paul Wolfowitz, Vanity Fair magazine, May 2003 "

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Scoop: Diebold Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities: "Scoop has obtained internal mail messages from Diebold Election Systems which clearly and explicitly confirm security problems in the GEMS vote counting software that were highlighted in reports published on Scoop.co.nz and widely elsewhere in July."

CNN.com - Air Force launches top secret satellite - Sep. 9, 2003Sep 10, 2003 - The US Air Force launched a secret satellite cargo
early Tuesday morning on board a Titan IV-B rocket. The satellite is
believed to be an Advanced ORION signals intelligence satellite for
the National Reconnaissance Office. The Air Force was so secretive
about the launch that they were unwilling to release information
about its costs, purpose, or even who built it.

Narco News: Giuliani's Mexico City Game: "The formula is largely the same, except that this time Giuliani wasn�t elected. He was not hired by any public agency or official. His consulting firm, Guiliani Partners LLC, was hired by a group of private business interests led by Carlos Slim, Mexico�s richest man, for a stated price tag of $4.3 million. But when Giuliani Partners announced its 146 recommendations of how to fight crime in the nation�s capital, Mexico City�s police chief and Mayor hailed the recommendations and announced they would adopt every single one."

Airliners.net Photos: American Airlines Boeing 777-...

Severe Acute Pneumonitis Among Deployed U.S. Military Personnel --- Southwest Asia, March--August 2003: "During March--August 2003, a total of 19 U.S. military personnel deployed in the Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility had bilateral pneumonitis requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation (Figure); two patients died"

Smoking Tied to Pneumonia Cases in War Zones: " puzzling cluster of pneumonia cases among American troops in Iraq and other countries in the war region seems to be partly related to the fact that many had taken up smoking shortly before they became ill, Pentagon officials said yesterday.
Two teams of military and civilian epidemiologists and environmental health specialists have been investigating a cluster of 19 cases of severe pneumonia, including two deaths, that occurred from March 1 through August. "

Recall God And Fake Orgasms / Screw the whiny CA politicos and their PR machines. Let's recall things that really matter: "And then, recall God. Not just any god, but that angry bitter Christian God, the one that says we should bomb with impunity and kill anyone who stands in the way of our petrochemical profits and our savage empire building. "

Eye On Cassidy - Do You Live in a Joe Cassidy Building?: "The safety of those who live and work in San Francisco should be everyone�s top concern.
Based on safety walks by the Carpenters Union at Joe Cassidy Construction, Inc. job sites, a review of court records and our experience in the construction industry, the Carpenters Union is concerned about the construction practices at Joe Cassidy Construction" - Pics -

NRDC: Letter to U.S. Senators Regarding the Nomination of Gov. Michael Leavitt to Head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: "Governor Leavitt has a history of ignoring science that does not support his political policy positions -- and retaliating against government employees who have offered opinions or taken positions the governor did not like."

The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire: "The Bush family's involvement in drug-running is an open secret, but Dick Cheney's direct link to a global drug pipeline through a US construction company is less well known."

Yahoo! News - Bush Urges More Police Powers Vs. Terror: "WASHINGTON - President Bush (news - web sites) told Congress on Wednesday to 'untie the hands' of law enforcement officials and arm them with wider legal powers to combat terrorists, saying the groups that struck America two years ago are wounded but still dangerous.
He specifically called for expanding use of the federal death penalty, tougher bail restrictions and greater subpoena powers that he said are available for other crimes, such as drug trafficking and embezzling, but can't be used against terrorism. 'This disparity in the law makes no sense,' Bush said in a speech at the FBI (news - web sites) Academy in nearby Quantico, Va. "

Aljazeera.Net - Article: "The future of Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat is hanging by a thread, according to senior diplomats.
Israeli health minister Danny Narveh told a number of UN and other officials during an informal chat on Wednesday that Arafat must be physically removed from his Ramallah base."

FT.com / World / US: "In detailing its request for $87bn (�77bn, �55bn) to fund the 'war on terrorism' for the forthcoming year, the White House budget office said this week that a vast majority of those funds - $51bn - would go directly to military operations in Iraq.

It noted that $800m of that spending would go to coalition members who cannot afford to deploy their own troops. An additional $300m would go to new life-saving body armour; and $140m to heavily armoured Humvees to protect its soldiers.
But apart from those few details, the Bush administration has been tight-lipped about where the huge sums - which come on top of $62bn appropriated for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in April - are going."

What if it were possible to find the root of all problems: "What if it were possible to find the root of all problems? Is there a single factor, which effects all men's actions and are at the core of his decisions. I think so!
Others have mentioned the part played by religion in world history and the devastation and death it has bestowed on all those who disagreed with its particular principals. There is little doubt that religion as it is practiced by most faiths is an impediment to all who search for God. There is however a great difference between living a spiritual life and following a religion.
God is not a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc. 'God Is' "

Fliers to Be Rated for Risk Level (washingtonpost.com):YOU SURRENDER ALL RIGHTS WHEN YOU SET FOOT IN AN
"In the most aggressive -- and, some say, invasive -- step yet to protect air travelers, the federal government and the airlines will phase in a computer system next year to measure the risk posed by every passenger on every flight in the United States. "

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country: "The World Trade Organization's food and drug regulatory body is controlled by big drug companies, and they are trying to use it to make all but the smallest doses of vitamins illegal to purchase without a prescription worldwide. This is happening at the same time a study has revealed that a daily mega- dose of 5 vitamins can dramatically reduce cancer. "

NEPA News: "In the two years since the nation began giving law enforcement agencies fresh powers to help them track down and punish terrorists, police and prosecutors have increasingly turned the force of the new laws not on al-Qaida cells, but on people charged with common crimes. "

Friends of Freedom: "Bilderberger - Elite: It is Important to understand what world leaders are about.
Posted on Wednesday, December 11 @ 21:13:17 EST
Quotations Attributed To Henry Kissinger 12-1-2

[1] 'The US must carry out some act somewhere in the world which shows its determination to continue to be a world power.'

-- Henry Kissinger, post-Vietnam blues, as quoted in The Washington Post, April 1975
[2] 'Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.'

-- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburg
meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss
delegate to the meeting. "

Former German Minister of Research and Technology Speaks Out About September 11th and After: "Von B�low: ... which were not able to prevent the attacks. In fact, they didn't even have an inkling they would happen. For sixty decisive minutes, the military and intelligence agencies let the fighter planes stay on the ground; 48 hours later, however, the FBI presented a list of [alleged] suicide attackers. Within ten days, it emerged that seven of them were still alive. "

Monterey County Herald | 09/09/2003 | Bush faces criticism on shifting rationale for war in Iraq: "Even some officials in the president's administration worry that in his address to the nation Sunday night he glossed over his shifting rationale for war in Iraq, oversimplified the sources of anti-American rage there and overstated the benefits of victory, both to the war on terrorism and to American policy in the Middle East.
Making the war in Iraq a central part of the war on terrorism that Osama bin Laden started two years ago this week sidestepped Bush's earlier rationale for war in Iraq -- Iraq's alleged chemical and biological weapons and its nuclear ambitions -- and ignored the fact that it was the American-led invasion that made Iraq a magnet for international terrorists, these officials said.
Before the war, intelligence analysts at the CIA, the State Department and the Pentagon acknowledged there was no evidence of cooperation between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida and no evidence of an Iraqi hand in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. None has yet surfaced."

Guerrilla News Network: "'[H]aving just been told the country was under attack the commander in chief appeared uninterested in further details. He never asked if there had been any additional threats, where the attacks were coming from, how to best protect the country from further attacks, or what the current status of NORAD or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Nor did he call for an immediate return to Washington. Instead, in the middle of a modern-day Pearl Harbor, he simply turned back to the matter at hand; the day�s photo op. Precious minutes were ticking by, and many more lives were at risk. 'Really good readers, whew!' he told the class as the electronic flashes once again began to blink and the video cameras rolled. 'These must be sixth graders.''"

Air Force Officer Delivers Blistering Excoriation Of Bush Says Bush is Responsible for September 11th Attacks: "A US Air Force officer in California recently accused President Bush of deliberately allowing the September 11 terror attacks to take place. The officer has been relieved of his command and faces further discipline. The controversy surrounding Lt. Col. Steve Butler's letter to the editor, in which he affirmed that Bush did nothing to warn the American people because he 'needed this war on terrorism,' received scant coverage in the media.

Universally ignored by the press, however, was that the officer was not merely expressing a personal opinion. He was in a position to have direct knowledge of contacts between the US military and some of the hijackers in the period before the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. "

Monterey County Herald | 09/09/2003 | Two years later, still no sign of bin Laden: "ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Nearly two years after the Sept. 11 attacks, Pakistani troops have begun moving -- gingerly -- into a remote tribal belt where Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida fugitives might be hiding.
But officials say they have no evidence the terrorist mastermind is there, and a brief military foray last week came up empty-handed. Bin Laden, they say, has melted into the mountains."

savethemales.ca - How's this for 9/11 Foreknowledge?: "You don't need to work for the CIA or the FBI to have had foreknowledge of the events of Sept. 11. Historians of the elite conspiracy have been predicting them for years."

By William Cooper, William Cooper, 15 September 2001: " Like most Americans I looked to the Arab world for the source of the
attack, Not because it
was the most obvious solution, but because I have been programed by the
media to look only
in that direction. I did not look elswhere until stories appeared that
set alarm bells
ringing. Are we being deceived and manipulated? Who benefits from these
attacks? "

MySanAntonio : Metro | State: "A controversial law granting federal authorities new powers to target terrorists faces growing heat over beliefs that it can lead to civil rights abuses while others are seeking to expand its grasp.
The USA Patriot Act was signed into law weeks after the 9-11 attacks. Among other things, the 340-page law granted federal investigators authority to seek roving wiretaps for suspects and to conduct property searches and delay notifying the owner. "

Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order -- Because There's a War on for Your Mind: "THE ROAD TO TYRANNY EXPOSES:












Propaganda Matrix.com - Exposing the New World Order and Government Sponsored Terrorism: "President Bush, in a speech marking today's anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, called on Congress yesterday to 'untie the hands of our law enforcement officials' by expanding the government's ability to probe and detain terrorism suspects."

Political Strategy: A War Plan for Aggressive Progressives: "Does the Bush Administration have a Plan to Shower the Planet with 'Dirty Bombs'?"

Bush Marriage Initiative Robs Billions from Needy: "A Bush administration proposal to divert almost $2 billion in scarce welfare funds to promote marriage should be squashed. As one state's effort shows, jobs and education lead to marriage, not the other way around."

Yahoo! News - Study Finds WTC Fires Spewed Toxic Gases for Weeks: "NEW YORK (Reuters) - The burning ruins of the World Trade Center spewed toxic gases 'like a chemical factory' for at least six weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks despite government assurances the air was safe, according to a study released on Wednesday.

The gases of toxic metals, acids and organics could penetrate deeply into the lungs of workers at Ground Zero, said the study by scientists at the University of California at Davis and released at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in New York. "

Unknown News: "
Thousands of US troops evacuated from Iraq for unexplained medical reasons
Citing the US military Central Command as its source, the Washington Post reported on September 2 that �more than 6,000 service members� had been medically evacuated from Iraq since the launch of the war. At the time, the number of combat wounded stood at 1,124. A further 301 personnel had been injured in non-combat incidents such as vehicle accidents. The figure of �more than 6,000� supplied to the Post therefore implies that over 4,500 US troops have required evacuation from Iraq for medical reasons other than combat or non-combat injuries."

The Memory Hole > Map: Hijacked 9/11 Flights and Military Bases: "In this picture, which is worth even more than a thousand words, MediaLab has merged a map of the 9/11 planes' flightpaths with a map of military bases in those areas. The flights went through some of the most heavily militarized parts of the country, yet nothing could be done to stop them?"

Unknown News: "Something disastrous happened two years ago today, in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Disastrous things have been happening ever since.

In alleged vengeance for the 2001 attack on America, the US has gone to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. For every American killed on September 11, 2001, more than ten innocent people have been killed by American bombs and bullets in those countries. And the bloodshed continues."

LawMeme: "Enter the Matrix (If You're Not Already There)

Posted by Steven Wu on Wednesday, August 06 @ 10:43:53 EDT
In yet another demonstration of government officials' penchant for really bad names, federal and Florida law enforcement officials have unveiled a new database known as the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, a.k.a the Matrix:
Organizers said the system, dubbed Matrix, enables investigators to find patterns and links among people and events faster than ever before, combining police records with commercially available collections of personal information about most American adults. It would let authorities, for instance, instantly find the name and address "

Google News Canada: "Libeskind's Ground Zero Design Heading for the Drawing Board
Deutsche Welle - 1 hour ago
Last March Berlin-based architect Daniel Libeskind emerged as the winner of an international contest to build on 'Ground Zero'. Since then, his design has been pushed into the background as ...
Ceremony at Ground Zero marks 9/11 NDTV.com
Seeing Ground Zero site made Sept. 11 feel real Marion Star
Sify - Channel News Asia - CNN - Rediff - and 104 related � "

Google News Canada: "The dark legacy of 9/11: A surveillance society
Canada.com - 6 hours ago
After 24 Canadians perished in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack two years ago today, there was considerable debate about how their deaths should be commemorated by a shaken nation. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and others rejected the idea of a conspicuous ...
Terror laws 9/11's darker legacy Vancouver Sun
Still scared, still vulnerable The Globe and Mail"

NewsTrolls: "Check out this cartoon from AL Jazeer"

The Heat Is Online: "The North American figures mask the real trend, which is that the annual acreage lost to wildfires in boreal forests - the planet's northern-most forests, mainly in Alaska, Canada and Russia - has doubled since the 1960s, said Eric Kasischke, a geography professor at the University of Maryland and an expert on boreal forest fires. "

memepool.com: "A riddle: what do steamy windows, champagne, Picasso, and asphalt share in common? A hint: something like Hirschfield's Ninas."

StockHouse Canada -- News --: "

CALGARY, Sep 10, 2003 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) --
Alberta's energy regulator says nearly 40 per cent of natural gas wells in the northeastern corner of the province have been shut down to protect oilsands reserves - not 20 per cent as reported last week.
Last week the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board said well owners applied for exemptions for about 730 of the 937 wells affected by its controversial 'shut-in'order,..."

ITBusiness.ca: "Environment Canada is completing the test phase of a project to increase the scaleability and availability of the Canadian weather archive for research scientists and the general public.
The federal department hopes to bring a deployment of Oracle's Real Application Clusters into production in January of next year, according to Frank Lauritzen, manager of database administration at the National Archives and the Data Management Branch. Lauritzen is attending OracleWorld 2003 this week to keep abreast of the company's latest products and services.

The Canadian National Climate Data and Information Archive has been running on an Oracle database since the mid-1990s, Lauritzen said, and is currently using 8i. Environment Canada will be launching the Real Application Cluster, which has a number of servers share the workload of a single application, using Linux on Dell hardware, he said.
Canada has been compiling its weather-related archives since the 1800s, ..."

Vancouver Island aboriginals near treaty deal with B.C. government, feds: " An agreement-in-principle on a land and cash treaty deal with five Vancouver Island aboriginal nations was approved Wednesday by the B.C. government cabinet.
The agreement with the Maa-nulth First Nations of Vancouver Island is the second such deal the province has approved in the past two months.

The provincial and federal governments signed an agreement with the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation in Prince George in July.
Six Maa-nulth chiefs attended an open B.C. cabinet meeting that was broadcast live across the province. "

ENN News Story - Nuclear plants in the hotseat: "The worst heatwave to strike Europe since the end of World War II vanished at the end of August, leaving in its wake thousands of deaths and an enormous amount of public outrage.

In France, much of the blame has been placed on the government's health service, which lacked the facilities, equipment, and personnel to care for the many elderly citizens who became the heatwave's victims.

As the casualties of August were buried, little was said about another sobering fact. The heatwave revealed a dangerous flaw in France's vast system of nuclear power plants, a deficiency that could have brought the country to the brink of catastrophe."

ENN News Story - Brazil state creates sprawling rainforest reserves: "The Brazilian state of Amazonas said Wednesday it created six new natural reserves with a combined area bigger than Belgium to safeguard the jungle region's rich biodiversity.
Some 14,672 square miles (37,990 square km) of lush tropical rainforest are earmarked as parks or protected areas where resources can only be exploited through sustainable development.
Amazonas 'has nearly 10 percent of the world's forests. To let them burn up is not an intelligent thing to do,' said Virgilio Viana, Amazonas' secretary for sustainable development and the environment. 'In the long term, we'll be better positioned than Saudi Arabia is when it comes to oil. This is a strategic vision with relation to one of our country's resources.'"

ENN News Story - White House won't back down on Arctic oil drilling: "The Bush administration told Congress Wednesday it was sticking with its plan for a broad energy bill to open an Arctic refuge in Alaska to oil drilling, even though the White House has been warned the proposal could kill the legislation.
Senate and House negotiators are trying to hammer out legislation by the end of this month that would be the first major overhaul in U.S. energy policy in a decade.
House lawmakers want to give oil companies access to the potential 10 billion barrels of crude under the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), while the Senate voted earlier this year to keep the refuge closed to energy exploration."

NJ.com - NewsFlash: "Crime labs across the Midwest are backlogged with thousands of methamphetamine cases, leading at least one judge to threaten a lab director with fines and forcing prosecutors to dismiss some charges.
'It's a little stressful. If you're a drug chemist and you come into work, there is no light at the end of the tunnel,' said 1st Sgt. Joe Vetter, who manages a police crime lab in southern Indiana with a backlog of 1,400 cases, many of which involve methamphetamine. "

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Daily Times - Site Edition: "Belgium court to decide on Sharon, Bush war crimes cases"

memepool.com: "It's that time of year again: Happy Patriot Day from the good folks at Hallmark!"

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "Canadian banks have a lot of extra capital kicking around these days, and that could put U.S. acquisitions into their sights, bankers and analysts said on Tuesday."

CTV.ca - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television: "Montreal's Dorval International Airport got a new name today. In a ceremony Tuesday morning, a plaque was unveiled dedicating the airport to late prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
Federal Transport Minister David Collenette attended the ceremony alongside Trudeau's sons, Justin and Alexandre."

CTV.ca - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television: "Defence Minister John McCallum says it is unlikely Ottawa will send any soldiers to Iraq -- even if the UN Security Council approves a U.S. draft resolution to get more peacekeeping troops and money into Baghdad.
McCallum told CTV's Canada AM Tuesday that the country is too focused on Afghanistan to shift priorities.
'The secret to success is focus,' McCallum said. 'Our soldiers cannot engage in every effort around the world no matter how important it is, we have to make choices.'"

Canadian families join thousands in 9/11 lawsuit against al-Qaida supporters: "TORONTO (CP) -- Lucia Balzan couldn't help her sister Mary Stanley the day two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York.
But by joining a $1-trillion US lawsuit that stems from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Balzan said she at least can do something in her sister's memory.

'My sister died a terrible death in those buildings and someone should be accountable for what they did,' Balzan told CBC-TV's The National.
Balzan is one of 13 Canadian families who have joined thousands of Americans who launched the lawsuit last year. Sept. 9 was the final day for people to join the suit.
The lawsuit names close to 200 charities, banks and organizations allegedly to have funnelled money to the terrorist group al-Qaida.
Paul Miller, the lawyer representing the Canadian families, says the legal action is aimed at bankrupting terrorist organizations.
'The way to stop terrorism is to bankrupt them, stop the flow of money,' he told the CBC. "

The Globe and Mail: "Cranbrook, B.C. � A crew of firefighters working in the Cranbrook area of southern British Columbia has been hit by a mysterious illness, with more than a quarter of 400 men and camp personnel sick.
Some 107 weary firefighters who for months have been battling blazes in hot, smoke-filled forests were recuperating Tuesday from various symptoms including respiratory problems, coughing, sore throats, fevers, sore eyes, diarrhea and vomiting."

Search ends for Ontario hikers missing along Quebec-Labrador border: "HALIFAX (CP) -- Rescue officials have called off the search for two Ontario hikers missing in a mountainous area of the Quebec-Labrador border.
Deteriorating weather conditions combined with the rugged terrain made it necessary to stop the search for safety reasons, RCMP Staff Sgt. Dominic Broaders said Wednesday.

Daniel Pauze, 31, and Susan Barnes, 32, both of Mississauga, were dropped off by an air charter Aug. 8 at the headwaters of the Koroc River in northern Labrador. "

Chinese to send delegation to Canada to study peacekeeping: McCallum: "OTTAWA (CP) -- China, which for years has been leery of some international peacekeeping operations, now wants to send people to Canada to study peacekeeping.
They want to talk to Canadian experts and even observe Canadians in the field, Defence Minister John McCallum said Wednesday in a conference call from Beijing.

This may signal a shift in Chinese policy, said David Rudd of the Canadian Institute for Strategic Studies.
China only began participating in UN missions in the 1990s."

H-bomb inventor Edward Teller dies: Controversial life in nuclear-weapons research and policy ends at 95.: "Edward Teller, the 'father of the H-bomb', has died aged 95."

Bakutoday.net - Independent Online Newspaper: "Pope John Paul II travels to Slovakia on Thursday in what Vatican observers say will be a physical test for the 83-year-old leader of the world's Roman Catholics.
10/09/2003 18:32

In the small Eastern European nation, the Pope is likely to focus his words on Europe and its future. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out for the Pope's open-air masses in Slovakia. Fearing it could be his last visit to central Europe due to his worsening health, many will be crossing the border from neighboring Poland.
The Pope's physical condition seems to have deteriorated over the past month, mainly due to an extremely hot summer in Rome. "

Polio Vaccine Might Have Carried Virus: "WASHINGTON -- Some of the polio vaccine given to millions of American children from 1962 until 2000 could have been contaminated with a monkey virus that shows up in some cancers, according to documents and testimony to be delivered to a House committee Wednesday. The vaccine manufacturer said such claims 'don't have any validity,' and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees.
Some batches of the first polio vaccine used from 1955 until 1962 were contaminated with the monkey virus. The virus has also been found in some cancer in humans, although it has not been determined that the virus caused the cancer. Between 10 and 30 million Americans may have received a contaminated dose of that vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "

CNEWS Weird News - Former prisoner learns fellow inmate charged with crime: "Ruffner was charged with the murder of a nine-year-old girl - the very crime for which a wrongly convicted Bloodsworth served nine years.

Bloodsworth, 43, was twice convicted of the girl's murder and was sentenced to die. But after struggling for years to prove his innocence, he was cleared in 1993, becoming the first American freed from prison because of DNA evidence.
Ruffner was in prison at the same time as Bloodsworth for attempted rape and attempted murder. "

Ananova - Couple's epic drive to Arctic be completed in bus: "A couple who have driven 40,000 miles from Argentina to the Arctic Ocean in a vintage car have been told they cannot complete the last 230 miles.
Instead Herman and Candelaria Zapp have been told they will be driven in a bus driven by a security officer from oil company BP."

The Russia Journal Daily::World/CIS - Germany, France, Russia to start diplomatic war with US: "France and Germany are starting another diplomatic battle against the United States. According to the Daily Telegraph, they disagree with a new UN resolution on Iraq. Washington believes that the international community should provide more troops and funds for the restoration of Iraq. At the same time, the Americans are going to retain political and military control in Iraq, while Germany and France believe that the country should be ruled by a new Iraqi government. "

The Russia Journal Daily::World/CIS - Press freedom list: Russia ranked 121st: "Reporters Without Borders has published the first worldwide press freedom index. According to the organization�s analysts, it has some surprises for Western democracies. The list includes 139 countries. North Korea is at the bottom of the list, as the country with least press freedom, and China is ranked 138th. The United States, boasting its democratic traditions, is 17th.

The top five countries include Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands and Canada. Germany is seventh, right after the Ireland. Portugal and Sweden are ranked 8th and 9th, respectively. And Denmark is 10th.

France ranks 11th, Switzerland is in 16th place, and Great Britain is 22nd. Russia was ranked 121st. Ukraine is in 112th place, and Turkmenistan is 136th, among the bottom-ranked countries. "

Private Sector Shouldn't Direct Airplane Traffic: "The White House has put aviation safety on the chopping block. It convinced Republican members of a House-Senate conference committee to contract out the operation of 69 air traffic control towers to the lowest bidder. And the tower at Van Nuys Airport � the busiest general aviation airport in the world � is on the list. "

Protesters Disrupt Rumsfeld Speech to National Press Club"Mr. Rumsfeld you're fired," a woman yelled as Rumsfeld was beginning a speech on Iraq and the war on terrorism that followed the attacks on the US Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon. - "Your foreign policy is based on lies. The war in Iraq is unjust and illegal and the occupation is immoral."

Foreign Policy In Focus Policy Report: The War In Iraq Is Not Over and Neither Are The Lies To Justify It: "Stephen Zunes is the Middle East editor for Foreign Policy in Focus (online at www.fpif.org). He serves as an associate professor of Politics and chair of the Peace & Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco and is the author of Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism."

Monday, September 08, 2003

Occupation Watch: U.S. Troops Want Rumsfeld to Send Them Home: "TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) - If they had the chance, U.S. soldiers at a base in Iraq would have had one question for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld -- When are we going home?. "

Northern Star Online | Perspective: " A great many federal workers are seeing their pay raises getting slashed. That�s because President George Bush�s failed Iraq policy will cost at least $60 billion more, just for the rest of this year.

That�s incredible because we�ve already spent $80 billion. Folks, we only have so many billions of dollars, and we�re 450 of them in the hole right now."

USATODAY.com - Monthly costs of Iraq, Afghan wars approach that of Vietnam: "WASHINGTON � The monthly bill for the U.S. military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan now rivals Pentagon spending during the Vietnam War, Defense Department figures show."

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Focus: Hutton and the spies: "Henry Porter, bestselling author of espionage novels, examines the role of intelligence chief John Scarlett and shows how the Hutton inquiry is uncovering a dangerous mix of spies and secrets "

Ex-Envoy Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy (washingtonpost.com): "A former U.S. commander for the Middle East who still consults for the State Department yesterday blasted the Bush administration's handling of postwar Iraq, saying it lacked a coherent strategy, a serious plan and sufficient resources.
'There is no strategy or mechanism for putting the pieces together,' said retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, and so, he said, 'we're in danger of failing.' "

Will We Look Like the Soviets When We Leave Iraq?: "Well-equipped foreign troops were under daily fire from determined if ragtag guerrillas, and casualties steadily mounted. Much of the world was opposed to the military action, and opposition was especially strong in Muslim countries. Islamic holy warriors were eventually drawn to the fight, bringing funds and increasingly extreme tactics. The occupying forces sought to modernize a traditional Muslim society and do it quickly. They never lost a battle, yet the war wouldn't end.
If this sounds like a description of the challenge facing U.S. forces in postwar Iraq, you're right. But it could just as well describe another war in the same region -- the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan during the 1980s."

: ".
There's Good Reason to Fear US
by Noam Chomsky

09/07/03: (Toronto Star ) Amid the aftershocks of recent suicide bombings in Baghdad and Najaf, and countless other horrors since Sept. 11, 2001, it is easy to understand why many believe that the world has entered a new and frightening 'age of terror,' the title of a recent collection of essays by Yale University scholars and others.

However, two years after 9/11, the United States has yet to confront the roots of terrorism, has waged more war than peace and has continually raised the stakes of international confrontation. "

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT TERRORISM?: "You said that we are a target because we stand for democracy, freedom, and human rights in the world. Baloney! We are the target of terrorists because we stand for dictatorship, bondage, and human exploitation in the world. We are the target of terrorists because we are hated. And we are hated because our government has done hateful things.
By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret."

Telegraph | News | Army to adopt 'Ulster' tactics to defend Iraq bases: "British commanders in Iraq are to adopt Ulster-style security measures in an effort to limit attacks on troops.
Police stations and buildings where troops are billeted will be protected by anti-rocket screens, bullet-proof glass and blast walls. Closed circuit television cameras will also be used to provide all-round security for military bases from attack by former Ba'ath Party supporters and al-Qaeda units operating inside Iraq."

American Way Magazine - Trends for the Modern Traveler / Business: "Just like in the old days, the military wants you. But these days, Uncle Sam has a better pitch. With the help of big-time ad agencies and sleek messages, the stalwart armed services have modernized their marketing and advertising � and attracted a new generation of recruits in the process."

Bush says U.S. will spend whatever is necessary to win war against terrorism: "Howard Dean, another Democratic candidate, said Iraq had pulled the country's attention and resources away from homeland security and the economy.
Comparing Iraq with Vietnam, Dean said, 'The government again is feeding misinformation to the American people in order to justify an enormous commitment of U.S. troops.' "

Political Strategy: A War Plan for Aggressive Progressives: "Below the surface are dozens of operations, some secret and some simply unnoticed, conducted by the CIA, the FBI, the diplomatic corps and small, elite military squads. They have been aided by changes to U.S. laws after Sept. 11 that allow Americans to do things once forbidden -- such as assassinating foreign figures."

The Observer | International | Farah tried to plead with the US troops but she was killed anyway: "Farah Fadhil was only 18 when she was killed. An American soldier threw a grenade through the window of her apartment. Her death, early last Monday, was slow and agonising. Her legs had been shredded, her hands burnt and punctured by splinters of metal, suggesting that the bright high-school student had covered her face to shield it from the explosion. "

Caissa's Web: "Did any of you actually watch that disgusting mendacious scam that
wrought last night ?
It's not his smarmy mendacity, his arrogant self-righteousness, his
eyed refusal to accept an ounce of responsibility for the lies and
he has committed in our name---
It's that he assumes that we will actually BELIEVE him."

Secrecy masks Patriot Act’s conduct: "Sept. 8 — In Seattle, the public library printed 3,000 bookmarks to alert patrons that the FBI could, in the name of national security, seek permission from a secret federal court to inspect their reading and computer records - and prohibit librarians from revealing that a search had taken place."

NewsWire Complete Issue: "Miles Of Runway In Mile-High City
If it seems like everything out west is big, consider Denver International Airport's new runway. Runway 16R/34L was christened by a United Air Lines Boeing 777 last Thursday likely using a fraction of the 16,000 feet of pavement to take off for Chicago. The $166 million runway is the longest commercial runway in North America and is 4,000 feet longer than any of the other five at DEN. Airport planners weren't thinking of Chicago when they envisioned the three-mile-long strip. The runway is aimed at big, heavy jumbo jets, including the future A-380, typically used on long-haul international flights. On a hot summer day, the mile-high airport stretches the takeoff capabilities of such heavily loaded planes. And while other jurisdictions battle over where to put their next runway, DEN officials can relax for quite a few years. There's room for another six runways on the 34,000-acre airport. "

oneworld.tv * The Need for Speed - going to war on drugshttp://tv.oneworld.net/tapestry?link=3836

Sunday, September 07, 2003

..::: voice4change.org ~ changing hearts and minds: "During the war, US and British forces shot ammo made from Depleted Uranium (DU), a radioactive and toxic waste that is suspected as a cause of some illnesses affecting veterans of the 1991 Gulf War.
Scientists believe respiratory irritation caused by sand storms, oil fires, and concentrated vehicle fumes during Operation Desert Storm weakened the blood/brain barrier and allowed DU to enter the central nervous system of soldiers in the field resulting in slowly developing neurotoxic responses. Their brains, in effect, were slowly poisoned.
The brain is a 'target organ' for dissolved uranium. Tests on some Desert Storm vets show lowered ability to think and solve problems, as well as lowered motor skills in subjects with above average uranium levels.
During the latest operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq, American and British tanks fired thousands of depleted uranium armor penetrators. American A-10 and AV-8B aircraft shot hundreds of thousands of small caliber depleted uranium rounds. "

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate Seeks Damages: "• Support Saskatchewan farmers in efforts to block GM wheat"

Scoop: Transcript: G.W. Bush's Address On Terror & Iraq

????? ? ?????.War in Iraq: "Post-Sept. 11 Paranoia in US Academia

When travelers at US airports bitch at having to take off their shoes at gate security the staff quip: �Be glad Richard Reid didn�t hide the bomb in his underpants.� Since Sept. 11, airport security has been overhauled by the federally appointed Transport Security Administration.

There are innumerable pre-boarding delays. And do passengers feel safer as they file through the long lines at LAX or JFK? They certainly feel more nervous. America is currently in the business of exporting �freedom� globally � even to countries which seem indifferent to the idea. Yet the US itself is becoming, month by month, a palpably less free society. Much of the change is attributable to the Patriot Act, whose Mel Gibsonish acronym stands for �Provision of Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism�. In short: �Hassle�. Nowhere is the hassle more oppressive than in higher education. If airline passengers are grateful Reid didn�t hide the explosives in his boxers, university officials curse the fact that those murderous Sept. 11 terrorists were, many of them, in the US on student visas. "

Palestine Chronicle - Secret Saudi HistorySOMETHING TO HIDE,DUBYA?
All documents in the National Archive regarding Saudi
Arabia's entire history have been removed by
enforcement of the Patriot Act.

Brian Cloughley: Why Bush Doesn't Visit the Wounded: "Bush's Stacked Deck"

Aljazeera.Net - Article: "Wherever the American military is, the star spangled banner is never far away. But it is a foreign flag for more than 37,400 US troops who owe no allegiance to the stars and stripes.
This band of brothers known as the �green card soldiers� are in fact non-US citizens who have been recruited to fight the Bush administration�s foreign wars ... with promises of a fast-track citizenship, a college education and financial bonuses.
Thousands of these foreign fighters, whose native language is mainly Spanish, are now serving in Iraq."

CNN.com - Keel-laying for ex-president Bush ship - Sep. 6, 2003: "NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia (AP) -- Former President Bush printed his initials in chalk on a metal plate Saturday to literally mark the first milestone in the construction of a $4 billion aircraft carrier that will bear his name. "

Coastal Post Online: "San Francisco Bohemian Club members and guests from around the world recently completed two weeks of celebration, self entertainment and partying at their private 2,700 acre redwood retreat on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. Described as the 'Greatest Men's Party on Earth,' the members of the Club and international elites have been gathering in their redwoods for over 100 years"

Global Eye -- Strange Attractors: "Who carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the United States? People in the pay of Saudi Arabia, trained and maintained by the secret services of Pakistan. What did George W. Bush do to punish these accomplices to mass murder on American soil? Nothing. Instead he killed more than 30,000 innocent people -- in Iraq."

The Scotsman - Top Stories - Sold for spare parts by his grandmother: "ANDREY should be dead, and he knows it. Ask Andrey what was meant to happen to him and he will gesture at his legs, making a cutting motion. He mimes a knife slicing open his chest and his heart being pulled out, and then he draws his finger across his throat. "

The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking

Narco News: Mexico Denies Visas to Evo Morales and other World Leaders: "�Much�sima Polic�a� at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Meeting in Canc�n

By Noah Friedsky"

News: "Britain and the US have combined to come up with entirely new explanations of why they went to war in Iraq as inspectors on the ground prepare to report that there are no weapons of mass destruction there.
The 'current and serious' threat of Iraq's WMD was the reason Tony Blair gave for going to war, but last week the Prime Minister delivered a justification which did not mention the weapons at all. On the same day John Bolton, US Under-Secretary of State for arms control, said that whether Saddam Hussein's regime actually possessed WMD 'isn't really the issue'."

ABCNEWS.com : Alaska Joins Patriot Act Rebellion: "The state Legislature used some of the strongest language yet in passing a resolution condemning USA Patriot, following the lead of Hawaii and 112 cities, towns and counties around the country that have passed similar resolutions against the law.
But Alaska's measure goes further than most, advising police and other state agencies not to 'initiate, participate in, or assist or cooperate with an inquiry, investigation, surveillance or detention' if there is not 'reasonable suspicion of criminal activity under Alaska State law.'"

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | This war on terrorism is bogus: "The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination "

The Observer | International | Bush seeks an exit strategy as war threatens his career: "The President will make a dramatic U-turn on Iraq in a TV broadcast tonight to try to salvage his hopes of re-election amid Americans' growing hostility to the casualties and chaos. "

Saturday, September 06, 2003

"The Post-Modern President" by Joshua Micah Marshall: "Every president deceives. But each has his own style of deceit. Ronald Reagan was a master of baseless stories -- trees cause more pollution than cars -- that captured his vision of how the world should be. George H.W. Bush, generally conceded to be a decent fellow, tended to lie only in two circumstances: When running for president, or to save his own skin, as in Iran-Contra. Bill Clinton famously lied about embarrassing details of his private life, and his smooth, slippery rhetorical style made some people suspect he was lying even when he was telling the truth.
George W. Bush " ...

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war: "Michael Meacher, who served as a minister for six years until three months ago, today goes further than any other mainstream British politician in blaming the Iraq war on a US desire for domination of the Gulf and the world. "

("...to breed compassion...." - I used to belive this about religion. Nowadays, looking at all the ongoing and increasing religious conflicts and warfare throughout the globe, it's difficult to have any faith, at all, in religion. The truth seems to be that religion, especially highly organized hierarchical traditional religion is what keeps humans in a perpetual state of war.) Dalai Lama begins U.S. tour CNN.com - Dalai Lama begins U.S. tour - Sep. 6, 2003Flanked by representatives of 25 religions Friday at the University of San Francisco, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader said all faiths have the same basic aim -- to breed compassion among their followers.

"I will continue to pursue my struggle, which is to campaign for peace," he told the crowd of about 1,000 faculty, students and members of San Francisco's Tibetan Buddhist community.

BBC NEWS | Europe | France shuns fresh feud over Iraq: "It can have come as no surprise in Washington that President Jacques Chirac so rapidly spurned its formulation for a new United Nations resolution on Iraq.

France remains sceptical about US intentions in Iraq
Having warned from the start of the dangers of Middle East adventurism, France today feels a sense of profound moral vindication.
If it was right then, the government in Paris believes it is right again now. "

Victoria Independent Media Center: "The U.S. Government Wanted ‘To Make An Example Out of Me’: Young Webmaster Heads to Prison for Political Website"

Friday, September 05, 2003

50 years later, Iranians remember US-UK coup | csmonitor.com: "TEHRAN, IRAN � Iranians mourned this week the consequences of Anglo-American regime change as they marked the 50th anniversary of a CIA coup that toppled their democratically elected prime minister. "

Crosswalk.com - Ramsey Clark Says America Should Pay Full Tab for Rebuilding Iraq: "Citing charges from the Nuremburg trials at the end of World War II, Clark said the war in Iraq was a 'crime against peace' and called for Bush's impeachment. The U.S. government, according to Clark, cannot be trusted."

Prison Planet.com: Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?: "Most Americans think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a charismatic bodybuilder who became a famous Hollywood actor and then married into the Kennedy clan. Just beneath the surface of Arnold's façade lies an intricate web of evil including Nazi war criminals, occult rituals, a Rothschild rendezvous, a friendship with once head of the UN and known Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, Warren Buffett (the oracle of Omaha) and many others."

Ex-Envoy Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy (washingtonpost.com): "A former U.S. commander for the Middle East who still consults for the State Department yesterday blasted the Bush administration's handling of postwar Iraq, saying it lacked a coherent strategy, a serious plan and sufficient resources.
'There is no strategy or mechanism for putting the pieces together,' said retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, and so, he said, 'we're in danger of failing.' "

A U.S. soldier in Iraq wonders: 'How many more must die?': "This looks like a modern-day crusade not to free an oppressed people or to rid the world of a demonic dictator relentless in his pursuit of conquest and domination but a crusade to control another nation's natural resource. At least for us here, oil seems to be the reason for our presence. "

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | No 10 'had ownership' of dossier, memo claims: "New documents released to the Hutton inquiry today appear to blow out of the water the government's central defence in their row with the BBC - that the controversial September dossier was always 'owned' by the joint intelligence committee (JIC) and not Downing Street.
A memo of a meeting chaired by John Scarlett, the chairman of the JIC, last September - seven days before the dossier was published - states that 'ownership lay with No 10'."

CBS News | Waiting In The Food Line | August 27, 2003�22:21:03: "(CBS) With unemployment rising, there has been a sudden leap in the number of people on emergency food assistance. "

A Way to Break the Cycle of Servitude: "N this Labor Day weekend, let us remember low-wage workers. Twenty percent of the work force � 26 million people � earn $8.23 an hour or less. Most of them are not teenagers snagging pocket money, but adults supporting families. With so little income, too many Americans are pushed into poverty, and getting out of this trap is increasingly difficult."

Census Shows Ranks of Poor Rose by 1.3 Million: "The number of children in poverty rose by more than 600,000 during the same period to 12.2 million. The rate of increase in children under age 5 jumped a full percentage point to 19.8 percent living below the poverty line from 18.8 percent a year earlier."

The Center for Public Integrity: "ICI is one of several companies contracted by the State Department to go into danger zones that are too risky or unsavory to commit conventional U.S. forces. It "

Have You Forgotten?: "I remember the depleted uranium. How many have heard of depleted uranium? Those are household words to Iraqi people. The depleted uranium weapons used in 1991 (and possibly this time too) have resulted in a damaged environment and an astronomical rise in the cancer rate in Iraq. I remember seeing babies born with a single eye, 3 legs or no face- a result of DU poisoning."

In These Times | War on the Bill of Rights: "The Act has radically extended government electronic surveillance�on and off the Internet�with often reduced judicial review. For example, FBI agents can enter a home or office with a court order�while the occupants are not there�and insert the �Magic Lantern� (also known as the keystroke logger) into a computer.

It records every stroke, including messages not ever sent from the computer. On returning covertly, the agents can download everything that has been recorded. Notice of their entry can be delayed for 90 days or longer. "

The Globe and Mail:
"Mountains Near Kabul � Canadian and Afghan soldiers combing mountains near the capital spotted possible insurgents making their way toward the city and traced access routes they suspect are being used by guerrilla fighters.
The sighting came on the second day of a tortuous three-day reconnaissance mission this week that took members of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment reconnaissance platoon and three Afghans 30 kilometres through ravines, over peaks and into caves.
They found landmines, booby traps and unexploded bombs � likely leftover from the Soviet war 20 years ago. They were confronted by cobras, vipers, scorpions and poisonous porcupine quills 25 centimetres long."

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