Sunday, July 29, 2007

"390 CIA-run flights through German airspace were in violation of German law...

and Berlin could have collected millions of euros in fines. Now internal investigations could make things embarrassing for Gerhard Schröder's government as well as the United States.",1020,914873,00.jpg
Buffed clean: The German government stands accused of ignoring illegal "renditions" flights by the CIA.
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When air traffic controllers hear the code words "ATFM exempt," they know to expect something drastic.
Airlines use the code to report a flight when it has sick or severely injured passengers -- or heads of state -- on board.
The code is the air-traffic equivalent of flashing blue lights on a city street.
The documents also show that mis-identifying the flights was part of a system designed to dodge compliance with complicated approval regulations.
These deceptive maneuvers by the CIA have become the subject of intense scrutiny and debate within German political circles
Under German aviation law, the false declaration of flights is an infringement subject to fines ranging from €10,000 to €25,000. All told, the 390 CIA flights would have incurred fines of between four and 10 million euros.
And yet nothing happened.

If the special investigator of the parliamentary investigation committee arrives at similar conclusions, the government will be forced to take action
Renditions Victim Speaks Out: C
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