Thursday, July 26, 2007

China's Weather Modification Program.

"according to past meteorological data, there is a 50% chance of drizzle on that day. To ensure blue skies, the Beijing Weather Modification Office is busy researching the effects of various chemical activators on different sizes of cloud formations at different altitudes. The aim is to catch pregnant clouds early and induce rainfall ahead of the big day so that during the opening ceremony the sky is cloud-free.

Wang said similar efforts in the past have already helped to create good weather for a number of international events held in China, including the 1999 World Horti-Expo in Yunnan and the 1993 East Asian Games in Shanghai. "
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According to Wang Guanghe, director of the
Weather Modification Department under the Chinese
Academy of Meteorological Sciences, each of
China's more than 30 provinces and province-level
municipalities today boast a weather-modification
base, employing more than 32,000 people, 7,100
anti-aircraft guns, 4,991 special rocket launchers
and 30-odd aircraft across the country.
"Ours is the largest artificial weather
program in the world in terms of equipment, size
and budget," Wang said, adding that the annual
nationwide budget for weather modification is
between US$60 million and $90 million.
And now China's weather
officials have been charged with another important
task: ensuring clear skies for the Summer Olympic
Games next year.
Zhang Qiang, the top
weather-modification bureaucrat in Beijing, said
her office has been conducting experiments in
cloud-busting for the past two years in
preparation for the Games' opening ceremony on
August 8, 2008.
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