Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cali Colombia Meteorite - Fell July 6, 2007 at ~4:10 PM

Cali #001

N0323.946 W07631.022
Barrio Mariano Ramos

stone unknown, but I estimate it to be ~65 to 80 grams.

stone impacted the home of Yuly Melecio in the Barrio Mariano Ramos
neighborhood of Cali. She lives on the second floor of a building
and the stone impacted her rooftop and penetrated both the zinc
metal and ceramic roof tiles. She was at home at the time, and heard
a sound like thunder outside. She told her son who was outside on
the back balcony to come inside, as she thought a storm was coming.
Moments later, a loud crash shook the home and when she went into
the bedroom, she saw pieces of stone and roof tiles on the floor.
There was sunlight shining through a new hole in the roof and the
floor tile had been chipped by the meteorite.

meteorite was sold to someone in Spain. I made an offer but it seems
that it was topped by someone in Spain, I never had a chance to
offer more, even though I would have gladly raised my offer.

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