Saturday, January 14, 2006 | Top Stories | Air strike in Pakistan kills 17 in reported attacks on top al-Qaida leaders

hree houses, hundreds of metres apart, were destroyed, with wreckage scattered in craters some three metres deep. Five women were weeping nearby, cursing the attackers. Dozens of others gathered to express condolences.

"My entire family was killed and I don't know whom should I blame for it," said Sami Ullah, a 17-year old student, as he shifted debris from his ruined home with a hoe.

"I only seek justice from God."

He said 24 of his family members were killed - among them his parents, four brothers, three sisters-in-law, three sisters and five nephews. He said his father, Bakht Pur, had been a labourer.

Digging through the cement rubble of his home, Shah Zaman, who lost two sons and a daughter, recounted hearing planes at about 2:40 a.m. local time.

"I ran out and saw planes were dropping bombs," said Zaman, 40.

"I saw my home being hit."

"I don't know who carried out this attack and why. We were needlessly attacked."

"We are law-abiding people. I think we were targeted wrongly," he said.

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