Monday, October 24, 2005

He's the Boss

Dominic Da Vinci has been forever railing against city hall. Now he's running the place.

It's the brashest career move on Canadian television in years: Morphing Da Vinci's Inquest into the new series Da Vinci's City Hall. The creative shift will transfer the inscrutable Da Vinci -- still portrayed by Nicholas Campbell, naturally -- from his duties of crusading coroner into the post of newly elected mayor of Vancouver. The lesson here: Be careful what you ask for.

"It's a pretty strange position for someone like Da Vinci, who's always fought against the system," says Campbell. "So now he's the mayor, and a lot of the issues he's dealing with are the same things he's been yapping about for years. Now he has the chance to put up or shut up, and maybe put his big plans into play. Of course it doesn't go the way he thought it would."

But if the first episode of Da Vinci's City Hall is any indication, the character's vocational change is bound to please the legions of Da Vinci fans across Canada. They've supported the show for seven seasons because there's nothing like it on television.

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