Saturday, October 08, 2005

Global warming's storm role debated

Global warming's storm role debated: "The hurricanes roaring out of the tropics are being matched by an equally ferocious debate in the world of science. One of the nation's most widely known hurricane prognosticators, Colorado State University's William Gray, told a U.S. Senate hearing last month that talk of global warming is 'bogus science and media hype' driven by 'scientists who were willing to bend their objectivity to obtain government grants.'

From the other side, Georgia Tech atmospheric researcher Peter Webster said some global-warming skeptics and their allies in the Bush administration are sowing doubt as 'an excuse for inaction. If you don't have to worry about global warming, you don't need an energy policy.'

Another global warming researcher, Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said Gray lacks the expertise to back up some of his pronouncements. 'You can find renegade scientists that are willing to say anything, and unfortunately Dr. Gray falls into that category,' he said.

But Emanuel said he respects skeptics such as National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield, who told Congress that the recent spree of storms stems from 'natural fluctuations . . . not enhanced substantially by global warming.'"

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