Sunday, October 16, 2005 - BUSINESS

With Alps and Northwest warming, are Rockies next?
By Katy Human
Denver Post Staff Writer

Colorados ski season kicked off at Loveland Ski Area on Friday. The state should plan for dwindling snowpacks like Europe and the Pacific Northwest are seeing, some experts say. (Post / Karl Gehring)

The little Swiss ski resort of Andermatt, desperate to save its best ski runs, turned this summer to yards and yards of white fleece.

Ice climbers stretched the thin, insulating fabric over an ice face to protect the toe of the Gurschen glacier, which rises 5,000 feet above a stone and stucco village of 1,400.

"Some, they said we're crazy," said Urs Elmiger, chief financial officer of the Andermatt ski area. "We needed a solution."

From the Alps to the Sierra Nevada, the ski industry is scrambling to cope with increasingly warm and rainy winters that cut into the ski season and may be another sign of human-driven global warming.

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