Wednesday, October 19, 2005

CBC Toronto - Toronto man charged with Rwandan war crimes

A Rwandan man living in Toronto has been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, making him the first person to be charged under five-year-old Canadian legislation.

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The force says the man was arrested in Toronto on Wednesday in connection with events in Butare, Rwanda, in 1994, when one of the deadliest genocides in the century left more than 800,000 people dead in 100 days.

* INDEPTH: War crimes

Désiré Munyaneza, 39, faces seven charges under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, including:

* Two counts of genocide.

* Two counts of crimes against humanity.

* Three counts of war crimes.

An RCMP news release said the arrest resulted from a five-year investigation by the force's War Crimes Section that included interviews with many witnesses in Rwanda, Europe and Canada.

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